Giving Back this Season


Ramona Meszaros, Staff Reporter

The holidays are a time of joy and filled with opportunities to give back to people that are in your life, who do things for you daily. Family and friends both come to mind almost immediately. But what to get them? Friends can be hard to shop for because it can be difficult to find something within a budget that they can still have a use for. To add to that stress, holiday grab bags can be especially difficult because you have to find something that everyone will like. I’m going to go over a few easy gifts that can be used in both situations. First off, since the weather is getting colder, it’s always a good idea to throw in some fuzzy socks (Target – $3-$9), or a fuzzy blanket (Target – $10+) to keep warm. Those blankets can be paired with holiday candies and chocolate for nostalgic movie marathons when school is on break, something that everyone looks forward to. If your friend isn’t the type to watch cheesy movies, there are other options too. AirPods are very popular, and if they already have them a case is the way to go (Amazon – Elago Case $10). That way they can always have their ability to listen to music protected. Holiday drinks are also a favorite, and with a Starbucks being right across the street from East, a gift card is a great idea. Other places such as Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and Potbellies work well too since you can choose the amount you want on the card. Gifts that you can experience with your friends are also a good option, so consider getting a gift card for a store at the mall so you can both go shopping for new clothes. Another experience idea could be movie tickets (Emagine $6+), or gift certificates for nail salons. Lastly, just remember that you know your friend best and they’re going to love whatever you get them. Happy Holidays and enjoy the break!