Child Development


Jocelyn Harbeck, Staff Reporter

Are you interested in taking child development? Are you wondering what it’s like to take care of the fake baby? I interviewed Ashley Carroll about what her weekend was like when taking care of the baby for the class.

What were your expectations before taking care of the baby?
My expectation was that I thought the baby would have been easier to take care of and would be easier than a real baby.

How did your expectations live up to the reality?
It was a lot harder than I expected and required a lot more attention than I thought. I wasn’t expecting and wasn’t prepared to wake up so much throughout the night.

Do you think the baby replicated a real baby well?
Yes, because it cried a lot and sometimes you would have to get up in the middle of the night just to give it attention. I feel like babies are very much so like that.

What were some things you wish you would have been prepared for and would like to know for the future?
I would say don’t expect it to be easy because it won’t be and will be a lot harder than you think. Also, don’t forget to bring the diaper bag with you everywhere you go so you can stop the baby from crying quickly without issue.

In conclusion I think you should take child development if you’re willing to put in the effort and be able to get no sleep for a weekend! Overall, Carroll said it was a good experience and gave her a “wake up call” about what the real world will be like.