Holiday Celebrations

Kevin Cech, Staff Reporter

Many people put up some sort of decorations for the holiday season. There are many different holidays in December and even in January. Therefore, there are many different decorations that people put up to celebrate their holiday. One holiday to is celebrate Christmas. It can be decorated with multiple different things, Such as, trees, garland, and bells. The trees are decorated with ornaments that are special to families. An angel or star is put at the top to represent angel Gabriel. I asked Kyle Hrkel what he decorates with and he said, “We usually just decorate with a tree and some garland on our railings to celebrate Christmas.” Another holiday is known as Hanukkah. This holiday can be decorated with candles that represent the nine days during Hanukkah. Also, the Star of David can be used as a decoration in many different ways. Blue lights are also commonly used for decorations for this holiday. Kwanzaa is another type of celebration in the United States. This holiday celebrates African American culture. It is a week-long celebration spanning from December 26th to January 1st. The dinner table is decorated with three different colored candles including black, green, and red. I questioned Jacob Hrkel on what he thought of these decorations and he simply said, “They sound like they mean a lot to people and are special.” The dinner is a big event on Kwanzaa, so it makes sense that the table is decorated in such a meaningful way. In the end, there are lots of decorations that can be used for any holiday during the holiday season.