Top Holiday Films


Taylor Mainwaring, Staff Reporter

The holiday season is the best time of the season for many people. Christmas is especially fun and festive. One way people like to enjoy Christmas and the holidays with their families is watching movies. There are a lot of good Christmas movies but I have 3 favorites in particular that I could watch all day with my family. The first one is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This movie is super funny and entertaining. The main character wants to have a perfect Christmas with his family, so he goes to extremes to do that. The second movie is A Christmas Story. This movie is also very funny, and one to watch with family or friends. It’s about how a kid is fighting against his bully while thinking of his ideal Christmas gift, but his hopes are shaken. The third and final movie is Elf. This movie is an all time favorite in my family, and we watch this even when it’s not Christmas season because it’s humorous and really gets us into the Christmas spirit. The holiday season is an amazing time and brings families closer. So pick a holiday movie and get in the spirit!