Statesville Scares

Mario Zambrano, Staff Reporter

It’s finally that time of year when everything goes dark and scary. If you’re stressed from school
and need to let out some adrenaline, go to Statesville. Actually, run there. Coming from a
person who hated anything to do with haunted houses this time last year, I promise you, you’ll
not only survive but have the best time. My first time going to Statesville was incredibly nerve
wracking. Between the actors trying to intimidate and scare you and it being nearly pitch black,
you feel like you’re living a real-life invasion of zombies, clowns and other terrifying monsters.
However, this year was different. Knowing what to expect and going with the right crew already
made my Halloween amazing. Statesville is just 30 minutes west of the school, and it’s the perfect amount
of time to get pumped and ready for a night of scares and terror. Trust me or beware.