Welcome, Mr. Petrakis!

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Welcome, Mr. Petrakis!

Ezequiel Urcino, Staff Reporter

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Welcome to Lincoln-Way East, Mr. Petrakis! It is great to have you as an associate principal here at East. Thank you for letting me interview you. It was a great experience. Here are the topics that were discussed:

Question 1: How has you experience been so far at East? Were you a staff member anywhere else?
Answer: “It has been a very positive experience. I have been a staff member at 3 out of the 4 schools, and so far, this is the best one. I have always stayed in the district, and I do not want to move.”

Question 2: What are your personal goals?
Answer: “My goal is to be a positive role-model to others. I want to watch kids to work hard and reach their full potential. I want to have an everlasting impact on kids to show them that if they work hard, they can accomplish anything.”

Question 3: Why did you choose to be in the education field?
Answer: “Being in the education field was an unexpected blessing. I was originally studying to become a marine biologist.”

Question 4: Why did you want to become a principal?
Answer: “I like to be involved in the whole school, and I like to be able to teach and help kids who may be struggling throughout their high school years and need guidance.”

Question 5: What is East like compared to Central?
Answer: “It is bigger, and it is a different climate and culture. During the Pep Assemblies, I noticed that there were many students compared to Central.”

Question 6: What were your first impressions of East?
Answer: “I was very impressed by the climate and the unity. I like that we all work together to make East a great place for learning and meeting new people with a diversity of different cultures between the kids here.”

Question 7: What is your favorite thing about East?
Answer: “My favorite thing about East is the diversity. It opens up our eyes for perception and acceptance between kids and being able to recognize that it is okay to be different.”

Question 8: If there was one thing you could change about East, what would it be and why?
Answer: “I wouldn’t change anything because I’m happy to see kids interacting and helping each other out.”

Question 9: My previous article was about bullying. What is your insight on it?
Answer: “Bullying is a very serious issue. It causes nothing but emotional and mental distress. There are some days when we get a mean look from others, but that wouldn’t be considered bullying because it is high school, and it will happen sometimes. But when it comes to the point when somebody is physically or verbally hurting someone, then that is a problem and would need to be fixed. Therefore, it will never be tolerated.”

Let’s make it a great year for Mr. Petrakis.