Best Halloween Movies to Watch

Maisyn Szablewski, Staff Reporter

The moment it turns October everyone is excited to watch Halloween movies. Except there are so many Halloween movies, there are horror, classics, family friendly, and so on. Many people wouldn’t be able to picture Halloween without scary movies like Friday the thirteenth or family movies like Charlie Brown or classics like Dracula. I made a list of the best Halloween movies that I recommend you to watch. If you like to watch horror movies on Halloween I recommend you first watch Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). It is a slasher classic about a group of teenagers experiencing nightmares about a boogeyman attacking them. I recommend watching this with a friend and a bowl of popcorn. Another classic slasher I recommend is Friday the thirteenth (1980). It is also about a group of teenagers going to camp as camp counselors who also get attacked by a boogeyman. If you don’t enjoy scary movies but still want a good Halloween movie, I recommend the Disney classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a movie about Jack Skeleton who gets worn out in Halloween town and wants to experience something new. He stumbles in the woods and sees the trees with all the other holidays and he opens the door to Christmas town and gets excited about the new idea that he comes up with his own idea about Christmas. I asked fellow sophomore, Ava Simoni if she had to recommend a Halloween movie what would she pick. Ava said, “the first Halloween town because it’s a classic Halloween movie, and it’s been my favorite since i was little.” I would have to agree with Ava because the first Halloween town movie made in 1998 was also a Disney classic about a group of three siblings finding out about their family secret and what is called Halloween town. If you wanted to go old school and watch a classic Halloween movie, I would recommend Dracula or Frankenstein. Overall Halloween is a spooky holiday that everyone loves for different reasons. There are great movies so if you want to curl up on Halloween night and wanted some recommendations for what to watch then turn on your t.v. and watch these.