Top 5 Horror Movies That Will Make You Paranoid…

Omar Shatat, Staff Reporter

Have you ever finished a horror movie and couldn’t stop thinking about the terrifying scenes that you have recently seen? Well if so, you will be provided with the top 5 movies that will make you shiver before you sleep.

1.Paranormal Activity
The movie is about a couple that moved into a suburban home and soon after settling in, supernatural activity took place almost every day late at night. Lights flicker, disturbing sounds from nowhere, doors mysteriously being slammed, and in the cameras, you can see blankets being pulled off the sleeping oblivious couple. The scariest part about this movie is how realistic it seems. The producers of the movie even put in the beginning of the film that it is made off of a true story. Nine times out of ten that will leave you wondering if what happened in the movie can happen to you….

This movie has had a long past with its older versions such as “IT” By Stephen King. The newer version has more of a back story to the kids in the film. The movie is about a shape shifting monster that lives in the sewers. IT hunts for children every 27 years, and it drags them to the sewer. You wouldn’t want a shape shifting clown hunting for you where ever you go, would you?

3.The Conjuring
The movie “The Conjuring” is about a family of two parents and five daughters that recently moved into a secluded farmhouse. Later in the film, the family finds out about the past of the farmhouse, and it has a macabre history. Supernatural activities start to begin, and the family goes through disturbing events in the Rhode Island home.

4.Blair Witch
“Blair Witch” is a movie about a man that saw a photo of his missing sister near Burkesville, Maryland while he was researching the Blair Witch Project. The man and his friends walk in the woods to set up camp for the night. After hours of walking, the four surprisingly arrive back at their original campsite. They wake up to strange stick figures hanging around the site, and they end up spotting a limp creature watching them within the forest. Witchcraft begins to happen, and campers begin to go missing. Think about that the next time you go into a forest…

5.Truth or Dare
“Truth or Dare” is a horror film that turns a classic teenage game to a supernatural twist. The players that choose to be in the “game” have three choices, Truth, Dare or die. Some players even have to perform dangerous stunts to live…

Check out some of these films this Halloween Season!