Top 3 Real Haunted Houses

Grace Newton, Staff Reporter

Do you believe in spirits/ghosts existing in the real world? According to statistics, it’s about half and half who are believers and who aren’t. Here’s some paranormal facts that will get you thinking. The 3rd most haunted place is the Tower of London. The palace was once the most terrifying place on Earth dating all the way back to 1078. The royal palace has many famous ghosts wandering the area such as the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn who was King Henry VIII’s 2nd wife and was executed for committing the crime of being “stupid enough to marry a boiled ham” referring to Henry. Also, his 5th wife was executed for the same crime and her name was Catherine Howard. Other ghost(s) that have been spotted roaming the halls are two princes that were murdered by their uncle, Richard III in 1483. The 2nd most horrifying palace is the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa. This castle has been active since the 20th century and has experienced lots of paranormal activity such as a man walking through the halls and a dog that jumps on passersby. Also, a woman has been seen running around the area crying but then disappeared when excavations found the woman’s body. The castle was built as a fortress for military reasons during war which would result in the frightened spirits roaming the complex. The most terrifying haunted house is Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia. This castle has been through a series of tragic events and trauma such as a maid committing suicide in suspicious circumstances, a young boy being burned alive, a newborn baby thrown down a flight of stairs, etc… In these haunted houses across the globe, terrible trauma occurs. So what do you think? Are the spirits and ghosts real or just some Halloween fun?