Spooky Season Memories


Ramona Meszaros

Freshman Jessica Jarosik posing with her Halloween Pumpkins

Ramona Meszaros, Staff Reporter

Halloween is approaching fast and with the upcoming plans for parties with friends, there are lots of memories from the years before. You might remember a simpler time when Halloween was just a day full of games, parades, dressing up at school, and then trick or treating with your friends and family at night. Now, it’s a little different with worksheets and even tests filling the full day before you can go home. Fellow Lincoln-Way East students recall some of their favorite spooky season memories before high school. “My favorite memory from Halloween is from when I was in 2nd grade in Mrs. Winans at Grand Prairie in Frankfort, (with my neighbor Jenna) we raced from house to house together and when we were done (we went to her house) to trade all our candies.” That memory is from Grace LaCognata, a freshman here at East. Another student, Jessica Jarosik, also has a favorite memory from 2nd grade at Grand Prairie, in Mrs. Petrovic’s class, “we had a whole day of fall and Halloween activities planned. There were crafts and games. We even made applesauce for everyone to enjoy.” She also adds that she wishes that “we still did some of those activities. It was really nice to be able to have fun days like those when you could just make memories.” Freshman Riley Hanlon and Olivia Martin also recall their classes in 4th grade with Mrs. Roney, and Mrs. Farrell, doing activities such as eating Aurelio’s pizza and having mummy wrapping competitions. It’s important to hold on to these memories as you get older, as well as make new ones as the years go forward. Stay safe this Halloween and have fun!