Future of the Cubs

David Joyce, Staff Reporter

The Chicago Cubs fired their very successful manager Joe Maddon after a season where the Cubs failed to make the playoffs for the first time in Maddon’s time with the Cubs. Maddon had 471 wins and 339 loses in his time with the Cubs and brought them to their first World Series in over one hundred years. Maddon and President Theo Epstein held a joint press conference where they announced he would not be returning for the fifth year and final year of his contract. The Cubs and Maddon had no hard feelings between each other, and they seemed to be happy for each other to be going in a different direction with both feeling as if it was time. Cubs players were sad to see him go. Among those publicly expressing their concern were Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist. The biggest concern of the players was who was going to fill the role and how would they run the team. Joe Maddon was a well liked guy among the players and was a leader that made baseball fun for his players. However, the concerns from the players were addressed by bringing in the candidate that they knew best. That guy is David Ross who was a catcher on the Cubs World Series Championship team. Ross, who was a fan favorite, retired following the championship season and went on to become an announcer for the past two years. Ross is taking his first coaching position with the team that knows him best, and the players must be pleased with the hiring. With Ross starting his first managerial position next season with the Cubs, former Cubs manager Joe Maddon is going back to where his first spot was with the Los Angeles Angels. Now the only question left to answer is will David Ross be able to fill the void that Joe Maddon is leaving with the Chicago Cubs?