Why you should become an organ donor and what does it mean?

Jocelyn Harbeck

Whether you’re just starting drivers ed or have been driving for years, you’ve probably been familiar with the idea of being an organ donor. So what does it mean?

Being an organ donor means that you, the organ donor, would then go through the process of surgically removing an organ to then give to the recipient in an event that something happened to you. An organ donor can save the lives of up to 8 people and enhance the lives of more than 100. There are currently 114,000 people in America appearing on the transplant list waiting for an organ. Here in America, about 95% of adults support organ donation but only 54% actually are organ donors, thus leaving many people unable to receive organs due to the shortage of actual organ donors.

The Maddog Strong Foundation is a foundation that’s trying to change that. The Maddog Strong Foundation has the goal of helping people understand that becoming an organ donor is not just about checking a box saying “Yes, I would like to be an organ donor,” but it’s about having the conversation with your loved ones to express your wishes so then in case the situation ever comes up your loved ones will be able to follow through with your wishes. While most people are living their life knowing they’ll have tomorrow, there are about 20 people currently dying everyday waiting for a transplant. Even though you sign up to be an organ donor and have a talk with your loved ones, only 3 out of every 100 people die in a way that their organs are able to be donated.

Maddog Grobmeier had the conversation with her parents after Maddie, a friend, and I were in a very serious car accident that miraculously let us leave with only some cuts and bruises. She then expressed to her parents that if anything bad were to happen to her that she would want something good to come out of it. And then over the summer of 2019, Maddie passed away from a severe asthma attack and her wishes were carried through and she was able to help many people going as far as giving a blind child sight! Maddie understood the idea of organ donation and was inspired to become one and I hope you do too!

Source: www.maddogstrong.org